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We know that you have choices when it comes to health clubs.
So why Oceanside Fitness? It’s simple

Oceanside Fitness is the best value you’ll find. Oceanside Fitness has a ton of high-tech equipment and well-trained, experienced Personal Trainers with totally affordable membership options. Bringing you unmatched value is our mission.

And you’ll find that there’s much more to our fitness approach too…


We understand you want a fun and effective workout, and we know what it takes to make that happen. Our balanced approach to fitness integrates cardio, resistance training, flexibility and mind/body, along with other challenging activities, to give you total body conditioning. And they are all designed for you and your goals in an energetic and supportive environment.


Finding what works for you means you need a place where you can try different things. At Oceanside Fitness, we make sure all our clubs have something for everyone, including a wide selection of equipment and Personal Training. And our gym ensures you have nearby access to all this and more.


Think of your first day at a new health club.

Kind of intimidating, isn’t it? Well, not at Oceanside Fitness. We make every effort to make your experience a good one every time – including your first time. We know that the exercises you enjoy are the ones you will do consistently, so our programs, services and clubs are expressly designed to make fitness fun.

Great way to start your day at Oceanside !!

Jacques LeBlanc
Député / MLA

So many positives have come from my years at Oceanside. From a self confidence boost to a healthy lifestyle and meeting some of the most amazing people . This little gem of a gym is my happy place

Kim Hendrickson
fitness instructor

Oceanside Fitness is a great fitness center! The gym is clean and well-run and has a cordial, friendly staff who are willing to help newcomers personalize a workout routine.

David Allison

The gym has been a "life saver" for me. When I moved to Shediac, a friend recommended Kim and Heather's classes at the gym. It's been a great way to to meet people in town, make good friends and integrate the community. I am a 70 year old breast cancer survivor. Kim and Heather too my needs into consideration and helped me get the very best out of my training.

Michelle Habington